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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Stevey A. Smith Hates the First Amendment

I saw this on Deadspin, so you've already seen it, too, but oh my God is this the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Your Stalin-era commentator is Mr. Stephen A. Smith. The subject is the internet. The text is this:

And when you look at the internet business, what’s dangerous about it is that people who are clearly unqualified get to disseminate their piece to the masses.

I'm going to go ahead and ask Mr. Smith to defend the claim that he is in any way "qualified" to disseminate anything to "the masses."

I respect the journalism industry, and the fact of the matter is ...someone with no training should not be allowed to have any kind of format whatsoever to disseminate to the masses to the level which they can. They are not trained. Not experts.

Amendment 1:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; unless the people trying to write stuff are not trained experts, in which case, fuck 'em.

(Emphasis mine.)

More important are the level of ethics and integrity that comes along with the quote-unquote profession hasn’t been firmly established and entrenched in the minds of those who’ve been given that license.

I am with you here. People should be ethical. Somehow, though, I don't think ethics is really what you are objecting to. I think it's the large amounts of criticism your blowhardness has generated from the internet, which is very good at holding people accountable for their actions.

Therefore, there’s a total disregard, a level of wrecklessness that ends up being a domino effect. And the people who suffer are the common viewers out there and, more importantly, those in the industry who haven’t been fortunate to get a radio or television deal and only rely on the written word.

What about the people who suffer when you phone in your columns via Blackberry? Or suffer when you appear in Chris Rock movies and Soap Operas? (By the way, I don't think people like Stephen A. Smith should be allowed to act in movies or TV shows. He is not trained. He is not an expert.)

And now they’ve been sabotaged. Not because of me. Or like me. But because of the industry or the world has allowed the average joe to resemble a professional without any credentials whatsoever.

Welcome to America, friend. Where average Joes are allowed to say whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as they are not slanderous or put anyone's person in danger.

In that spirit: you're a boring blowhard.

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