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Monday, January 07, 2008


Am I Reading This Wrong?

I don't know anything about basketball. Everytime I turn on a basketball game I say things like: "that guy plays for the Suns now?" or "there's a team in Memphis?" or "are you allowed to just, like, kick it?"

But! I know -- or I'm pretty sure -- that the Suns, Spurs, and Mavericks have better than a combined 3.7% chance of winning the NBA title. This is what John Hollinger is telling me, with his new NBA Playoff Odds Report.

The C's and Pistons each have more than a 40% chance of winning the title, and the Spurs have a .6% chance? Buh-wha? Mu-hurp? Ble-frap?!?

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posted by dak  # 11:59 PM
Been getting a lot of e-mails on this one. Let me add:

Yeah, I read the explanation. I get that it's based only on teams' performance so far.

Maybe what I should have said is: (a) does anyone really believe that the East has essentially a 8 in 9 chance of winning the NBA Title; and (b) if not (and I would hope not), shouldn't the formula be tweaked a little?
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