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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Mike Seate Is My New Favorite Writer

I say that because of an email from Kevin, directing us to this photo:

found on this blog, accompanied by a heartwarming story about Mr. Seate's reaction to receiving an award. [Edit: it also includes the first ever recorded use of the term "clenching the pennant. Remember where you were.]

Mike Seate is my new favorite sportswriter.

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posted by Unknown  # 5:35 PM
Did any of you read the section of that blog post wherein Big Mike Seate says:

many of the men in the audience are dressed like they're on their way to a high school prom and slapping each other on the back like the New York Yankees after clenching the pennant...


I missed the malaprop entirely. But Tyler didn't:

A) Never mind the sound a mouse erection makes - I have NO desire to know what the New York Yankees look like "slapping each other on the back...after clenching the pennant

B) I submit that "clenching the pennant" needs to be a new tag.

Also - I'm having that photo of Big Mike enlarged and mounted. And possibly clenched.

Tyler, in honor of your excellent eye, and your slavish devotion to all things Mike Seate, I am hereby establishing the "clenching the pennant" tag.

Well done.

I am as always sir your most humble and devoted servant etc.

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