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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Next Sunday, it's Either Gonna Be the Patties or the Giants

Neal points us to this article, wherein Wojo revisits his pre-season NFL predictions and determines their accuracy.

Here's one:

If one NFC team is going to shock the world, it's going to be ... the New York Giants. Workable schedule. Desperate team. Quarterback with something to prove. Better-than-you-think replacements for Tiki Barber (remember what Tiki says in those Caddy ads about opportunity?). Understanding, patient fan base. It all adds up to a possible mini-miracle.

Pretty cool, right? Nice work, Wojo! Heres another one:

NFC East finish: 1. Philly, 2. Dallas, 3. Redskins, 4. Giants.

What is the point -- I say, what is the point -- of making two equal and opposite predictions. You have no chance of getting credit for either of them. At least be the person who gets to write, "What a bonehead I am!" recaps. This way, you just look like a hedger.

(Pitchers and catchers soon, people. Then we can stop writing about football, and start getting real.)

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