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Monday, February 04, 2008


Stephen A. Smith On-Line Incompetence Update

A few days ago, I published this report on Stephen A. Smith's blog. It included the fact that at the top of the front page, it read:

"Welcome to the Official Stephen A. Smith Online Blog."

Which, obviously, is silly, since "blog" is short for "weblo-g," a special kind of device you can only find on-line.

But never fear, people. Stephen A. has taken some time and thought it over, and has now corrected the problem. The blog now reads:

"Welcome to the Official Stephen A. Smith My Blog."

Which we can all agree is far, far dumber.

Next week: "Welcome to the Official Stephen A. Smith Me-xtravaganza Webternet Blogging...of Me."

(And by the way, he still hasn't posted anything new.)

(And he still hasn't capitalized 'made up.')


posted by Unknown  # 9:19 PM
Eagle-eyed reader Josh tipped us off, so we tip our caps to him.
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