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Monday, March 17, 2008


This is the Opposite of What We Want

As we have said many times before: despite the hastily-chosen name of this blog, we don't actually dislike Joe Morgan more than about 50 other guys. That being said, we definitely don't want cities to name streets after him.

So, please, City of Oakland, make this stop.


Ken Tremendous
1910 Dusty Baker Way
Paigeville, North McCarver 06107


Matthew makes a compelling point:
I have to say, no matter how much we dislike his commenting and SportsNation chats Joe Morgan the player is deserving of the honor. So I say you could cut him a little slack on the street. If it was Joe Morgan, ESPN commentator, Way, then there should be some sort of investigation.
Fair enough. I freely admit to my reaction being of the knee-jerk variety.

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posted by Unknown  # 8:29 PM
Melissa points out a second way in which I am kind of a dummy (but does it nicely):

I believe you are off-base in believing that Joe Morgan doesn't deserve a street named after him in Oakland. Not only is he a Hall of Fame player, but he is also an extremely active philanthropist in the East Bay and Oakland, in particular. The Joe Morgan Foundation and Joe Morgan Scholarship Fund helps youths from Oakland and other under-served East Bay communities go to college when that wouldn't be an option otherwise. He set a strong example to the community by going back to college at a late age and he has raised money and awareness for inner-city baseball programs, as well.

I find many of his baseball beliefs laughable, but his contributions to the Oakland community and to baseball in the city deserve to be commended. There are a lot of people with streets named after them in this country who are a lot less deserving than Morgan.

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