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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Please Someone Do One Of Those Spreadsheet Things

Nice catch by reader Steven K. -- we hope.
Yanks-Blue Jays, 4-2

Top of the first, two out, Thomas hitting. Orel talking about Mussina and said, "When I came over to the AL, you always looked who you were going to pitch against. Whenever I saw Mussina, I knew I was in for a battle."

Scanned his game logs, looks like Orel never faced Mussina. Ever.

So remember, aspiring broadcasters: you're totally allowed to just make shit up.

Any chance someone can help prove that Orel never did, in fact, face Mussina? That would be nice. Otherwise we'd ruin our record of being exactly 100% right about everything.

** EDIT: Blargh. They met once in the 1997 ALCS. Thanks to the several of you who instantly pointed this out.

Still kind of absurd to say "whenever I saw Mussina..." when it only happened once.

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posted by dak  # 9:17 PM
Whenever you use "Blargh" as an expletive, I know we're in for a great post.
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