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Friday, April 04, 2008


Vintage Dusty

Epilogue to the Encarnacion / Brantley situation, courtesy of John Fay:

After failing to get down a bunt on three pitches, Encarnacion rocketed one into the left field seats for a three-run, walkoff home run.

Dusty Baker wanted it to happen this way -- really.

"You can't let him swing in that situation," Baker said. "He was struggling. I told (coach Chris Speier), 'I kind of hope he doesn't get it down so (he) can hit a three-run homer, and he hit a three-run homer."

"Being on the other side, he was one of the guys I didn't want to see up there in that situation," Baker said. "He's a clutch man."

so...many...levels of crazy...basepaths...getting my brain...

When s is this f'd, I find it's best to simply write down every single thing that's disturbing, so that we all might more easily wrap our heads around the situation.

1) Dusty Baker didn't want EE swinging at all because he was "struggling."
2) Dusty wanted EE bunting, even though (as some astute readers have pointed out) EE has not a single sacrifice hit in over 7 years of playing baseball in the United States.
3) Dusty wanted EE bunting, even though he thinks EE performs well in clutch situations.
4) "clutch man"
5) Dusty wanted EE bunting, even though he believed that if he didn't get the bunt down, he would hit a home run.
6) The Reds hired Dusty Baker to be their Manager.
7) There are still some people in the Queen City who are not sending a handwritten letter every single day to Reds ownership begging for Baker to be fired.

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posted by dak  # 12:58 PM
Double epilogue, from Matt:

OK, so we all know that clutch doesn't exist, but I was annoyed by Jeff Brantley's comments about Encarnacion not being clutch. Just as an exercise, let's look at Encarnacion's career line:

Career: .273/.349/.451/.800

Runners on: .300/.382/.485/.867

RISP: .319/.408/.512/.920

Let's see... numbers improve with runners on, numbers get even better with RISP.... I don't know about you, but that looks like a "clutchman" to me.

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