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Sunday, April 06, 2008


The Wrongs of Spring

If we had a FJM Declaration of Purpose, it would be to point out that you can't just say things like this and get away with them:

(ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, Miller and Morgan, on the subject of the Tigers)

Miller: That's a tough way to go to Fenway: 0-6.

Morgan: Well, every day you lose, though, Jon, the percentage is in your favor. I know it sounds a little bizarre, but a team as good as this team, 0-5 you figure: the percentage is in their favor.

Theoretically, I suppose what he is saying is that the team is "due" to win a game. Sadly, the purpose of a baseball season is not to win one game, but rather to win enough games to make the playoffs. Thus, the only possible thing you can say about the Tigers starting 0-6 is: that is a terrible start.

(The FJM Declaration of Purpose would be a small, unassuming Word document written in Helvetica. There would be a lot of cursing in it. And 26 years from now, when alien arch├Žologists find nothing on our decimated planet but this document, they will assume it was the basis for our societal norms and government, and a new society will arise, and no one will ever write anything stupid about GlormBall, which is their national pastime.)

Unrelated postscript: Homeplate ump Jeff Kellogg just took a fastball to the face because A.J. Pierzynski seemed to get crossed up and just missed it. So he takes a fastball to the face and goes down like a sack of potatoes, and Jon Miller says, as they prepare a replay, "He's wearing a microphone, let's go back and have a look...) And I think, "Don't play the dude's audio!!!" And then they roll the replay, and it -- incredibly predictably -- goes like this:


Pierzynski: Oh -- my God.
Kellogg: (on the ground) Fuck.

Come on ESPN. What word did you think was going to come out of a dude's mouth in that situation?

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posted by Unknown  # 10:01 PM
To those of you who wrote in about the idea of being "due" to win: fear not. I understand that this is not a thing that exists in the realm of mathematical probability, and twas not like endorsing the idea that if that's what Joe meant, that he would be right.
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