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Thursday, May 08, 2008


SportsCenter is Dead to Me, Vol. MCMDXVII

Hey -- I have a question. SportsCenter is the show you watch to get highlights of sporting events, correct?

It's like "the news," but for sports. Where I can find news about what happened in sports.

I'm not wrong about this, right?

Except tonight -- and God knows how long this has been going on, and forgive me if I am late to this party -- there was a segment called The Bud Light FreezeFrame, wherein viewers were given the chance to vote on the "Image of the Week." And then Brian Kenny read -- aloud, so everyone could hear him; like, he didn't try to hide it at all -- various reader comments. One of them was in re: Williams hammering Rondo from Game 7 of the Hawks-Celtics series, and came from jpizzle39 (a commenter name so parodically parodic I couldn't beat it if I tried) and began "What a clothesline!"

I don't want to get all Bissingerian here, but do I need to be exposed to reader comments during SportsCenter?

No, I don't.

The Bud Light FreezeFrame. Every Wednesday on SportsCenter.

SportsCenter is dead to me. Again.

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posted by Unknown  # 1:51 AM
Thanks to those of you who pointed out that the foul was Game 7, not Game 4 (I think I was thinking "deciding game" or "4th win" or something). Also, I am aware that the Roman numeral sequence is not real or possible. I was trying to convey frustration with long number sequence. I should have made it longer. If I had written "Vol. MCMDVMXIIVMDCDMMMVVIIIII" everyone would have gotten it.
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