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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Et Tu, 'Tek?

Anyone seen that HBO documentary "The Curse of The Bambino"? It's fine, whatever.

After the Scottish Dribbler (you know what I'm talking about), one Bostonian recalls heading out of his house in Newton MA, thinking he'd be going out for a long, solitary walk, only to find hundreds of other Sox-fans-turned-zombies walking the streets. A brokenhearted old man crosses paths and says: "Son, this is the dahkest day in New England since Jack Kennedy was shawt."

That's how I feel about today, after reading this quote.

"We haven't been able to cash it in very much," catcher Jason Varitek said, "but it puts an extra amount of pressure on the other team, which we haven't been able to do. We've got a lot of big donkeys who clog up the bases."

Ugh. Boots.

I guess it's not so bad -- he's kind of making fun of his slow, chunky brethren, and not saying something crazytaint like "Frank Thomas sucks because he doesn't steal bases." But it still hurts.

First Papi on the DL, then Hazel Mae, now this. Rough times.

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posted by dak  # 2:07 PM
Thanks to Doug F. for the heads up.
Because a Red Sox used this term, I will now defend it to the death. I think it's great, and accurate, and meaningful. It is my favorite baseball phrase. I will find SABR stats to back it up. I am flip-flopping. Suck it, stat geeks!
I have caved to our readers' e-mails. "Big donkeys" tag added.

Maybe this will come in handy the next time we write about Shrek or something. (I have no idea how big that donkey is.)
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