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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


FJM Sensitive Man Award for July

goes to Gary Parrish of, for this inexplicable slam on a disabled man:

Credit Donovan for not shying away from the subject or pleading ignorance to how it works. He's the highest-paid coach in college basketball, a future Hall of Famer with more national titles than Def Leppard's drummer has arms.

Here's what I imagined happened in the Rick Allen household tonight:

Rick Allen: Honey, I'm home.

Rick Allen's Wife
: How was your day, dear?

Rick Allen
: Great. I spent the morning at the Raven Drum Foundation, which as you know, since you're my wife, is a charity I started in Malibu to encourage kids with disabilities to try to overcome them and lead normal, productive lives.

Rick Allen's Wife
: That's wonderful. Would you like some dinner?

Rick Allen
: Sure. But you know, after a long day of helping children overcome their disabilities, I think what I'd like to do is just sit down, relax, and read some articles about sports -- just to take my mind off of the whole idea of "disabilities," you know?

Rick Allen's Wife
: Absolutely.

Rick Allen
: That's why I love sports journalism. It's totally "me-neutral," you know? It's a chance just to forget about the fact that I only have one arm. Let's see here...oh. Perfect. An article about Summer basketball camps. No chance of encountering any unpleasantness here.

(one minute later)

Rick Allen
: Oh come on!

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posted by Unknown  # 1:33 AM
Thanks to Michael for the heads-up.
A couple of people have written in to mention that Rick Allen was convicted of spousal abuse in 1995. Apparently he underwent treatment for alcoholism and has been clean since. So: bad on him, good on him, mixed on me for defending him.
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