Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congratulations 2008 NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies!

Not one of ESPN's 18 baseball experts picked you to make it to the Fall Classic.

Mazel Tov, Greg Dobbs and co.!


  1. Congratulations to Brad Lidge! As every baseball expert predicted, you had your psyche completely destroyed by the Albert Pujols home run in 2005 and of course never pitched competitively again.

    Yesterday, Lidge was named Employee of the Month at Allentown Plaque Company, your headquarters for Employee of the Month plaques.

  2. Also of note: 17 of 18 experts predicted that the Phils would beat the Brewers. But all 17 agreed they would lose to the Cubs or Dodgers in the NLCS.

    You could argue that some credit is due to the "experts" for almost unanimously picking the Phils over the Brewers.

    My counterargument to that is: maybe.


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