Sunday, October 19, 2008


Bears-Vikes, 14:56 left in the 2nd quarter. Marty Booker drops an easy TD pass from Kyle Orton, bringing up 2nd and goal from the 15. The announcer, whose voice I do not recognize and whose name I am too lazy to look up, watches the Bears' offense come to the line and paints his verbal picture thusly:

Everybody out, two wide ends, wide outs, two tight ends, and everybody split out. And Orton calls time out.

Or, if this were 1959, in the West Village,

Everybody out!
[saxophone blast]
Two wide ends,
Wide outs,
[saxophone blast; snare roll]
Two tight ends, and
Everybody --
[saxophone blast]
Split --
[saxophone blast]
[saxophone solo]
And Orton
Time out.

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