Thursday, November 13, 2008

Post #1377: The Relatively Short Goodbye

Hello, everyone.

After 21 years, and almost 40 million posts (we'll have to check those numbers, but it's something like that), we have decided to bring FJM to an end.

Although we have not lost our borderline-sociopathic joy for meticulously criticizing bad sports journalism, the realities of our professional and personal lives make FJM a time/work luxury we can no longer afford.

We started this site with two purposes: to make each other laugh, and to aid and abet the Presidential campaign of Bob Barr. Although we failed in the latter goal, we gleefully succeeded in the first, and thanks to a grassroots internetty word-of-mouth kind of a deal, we appear to have positively affected the lives of actual citizens as well, which astonishes and delights us to this day. We really never thought FJM would be for anyone but us. We are thrilled and kind of humbled to have been proven wrong.

We thank all of you for the kind emails, and the tips, and the support. To each and every person who ever contacted us: hat tip to you.

Perhaps the future holds another project for us on which to waste massive amounts of time. For now, we will leave the site and the archives up as a testament to the fact that if you work hard enough, and blow off enough social occasions, and stare at the internet enough, and get nerdy enough, and repeatedly ignore entreaties from your friends and loved ones to please God stop blogging about Bill Plaschke and get out of the house it's a beautiful day!, then you, too, can...have a blog.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. And as Joe Morgan himself might say:

"I really haven't seen them play...slidepiece...Dave Concepcion."


dak, Junior, and Ken


  1. Many of you guys have written in to ask us to reconsider -- even if we just post something once in a long while. You guys are nice and awesome.

    And, well, we might. We might come back here once in a while and post something particularly infuriating or noteworthy. We like this place too.

    But it was time to demap.


  2. I, too, would like to add that the barrage of emails has been overwhelming. Our emotions are a veritable flood of chocolate ina chocolate fountain.

    Wait a second...that seems like a...

  3. Thank you sincerely for all of the emails.

    Remember, the greatest intangible of all is love. Number two is grit.


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