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Friday, July 22, 2005


Liveblogging the Joe Morgan LiveChat II

Adam (Chicago): Hey Joe, love your work on Sunday night baseball. I have a question about my White Sox. What move do you see them making (if any) before the trading deadline? Are they good enough to do it without making any acquisitions?

Joe Morgan: (1:45 PM ET ) I say that that there are no great teams today, and because of that, everybody is looking for help, including the White Sox. We'll see what happens as far as trades are concerned, but I think the Sox are certainly looking to add some pitching if they could.

Again, with the "there are no great teams" thing. Enough.

Also, the very very very very very very very very very very very very last thing the White Sox need is pitching. That is an unbelievably stupid claim to make. They have the best pitching staff in the AL, and a great bullpen. They have no hitting, at all, and Frank Thomas is about to go back on the DL. Unreal.

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posted by Anonymous  # 1:59 PM
You're gonna hate me for this, Ken.

But it does sound like the ChiSox are in fact looking for more pitching. They may be more in need of offense, but all Joe's saying is that they're looking to add pitching if they could. If we're to believe the rumor mill, Ken Williams is sincerely trying to pry a frontline starter away (e.g. Clemens, Schmidt, Burnett). May not happen, but still.

That said, I doubt this is what Joe Morgan meant.
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