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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The JoeChat is Boring This Week

It's truncated and not very interesting. However, I would like to print one Q and its corresponding A that really make me proud to be an FJM poster. Save your applause for the end.

Kevin (Reno, NV): Joe, huge fan...saw your home run to knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs years ago at the Stick. Thanks for the great memories. I was just curious how much prep you and Jon Miller do before each game in terms of players, match-ups, etc.?

Joe Morgan: A lot of guys read numbers and stats but that's not me. I watch games every day and I'm watching SportsCenter right now, but I do so as a fan. I only put my announcing shoes on in the booth. I follow the game I'm watching and it will take you where you're supposed to go. I dont' go in with a lot of numbers trying to creat a script. I just try to get a feel for teams and go into a game and let it take me somewhere. I have some notes but not much else.

Q. Hey Joe. Big fan. Tell me, are you good at your job?

A. Nope. Don't try that hard. Not interested in preparing anything. Other people who have my same job do a lot of stuff to make them better, but I do not [do those things]. Don't care about analysis. Won't be bothered by "information" or "statistics" or "numbers." Pretty much wing it. And I'm psyched about that. And proud -- definitely proud of it, in case that wasn't coming through. So, to sum up: no prep, no information, no research, wing it, very proud of that. See you next week!

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posted by Unknown  # 11:37 PM
Four interesting things about this chat:

1) "People don't know what a difficult feat that is to get on base every day. Williams was special and had an advantage because he was a feared slugger and also a good hitter who could draw walks and was feared by pitchers."

Be careful, Joe. I know a computer that might have written a book that might agree with that statement.

2) "Joe, in a recent broadcast you mentioned there were 9 ways to score from 3rd base."

Maybe I'M wrong, but I count at least 10.
1) Hit
2) FC
3) Walk (bases loaded)
4) HBP (bases loaded)
5) Steal
6) Sac Fly
7) Error
8) Balk
9) Wild Pitch
10) Being awarded home via a two base error/ground rule double/interference

Maybe each item in that last one falls under the category of one of the others, but I'm not sure.

3) "I personally don't want to challenge Ruth's numbers, but when he played no one reported anything."


4) In response to a question asking if pitchers had "figured out" Ichiro, Joe responds:
"I don't know if they've figured him out, but people just don't realize how hard it is to get hits. Balls aren't squeezing thruogh or dropping, and that can hurt average. Here's guessing teams have figured out how to defend him rather than pitchers figuring him out."

This is as close to an actual JM hypothesis as I think I've ever seen. How many previous chats would he have responded "Well, I haven't seen Ichiro play much this year, so I can't say for certain." Good work, Joe. A human asked your opinion about something and you actually gave an opinion. Kudos.
Also, a passed ball, which I mistakenly thought counted as an E-2.
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