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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Protect Ya Eck

I would have thought this point I'm about to make to be self-evident, but judging from the e-mails we're getting, it may not be. Here goes:

We have nothing against David Eckstein. I don't know if he's a good dude or not; people generally seem to think he's a ruling dude. And hey, I hope he is. I hope he and his wife are very happy and have like 30 dogs and children someday.

This is not about David Eckstien. This is about sportswriters across the country who have all chosen to write the exact same story. This is about bad journalism, and laziness, in the news sources that you pay for. The opportunity cost, if you will, of other great stories from the World Series that we're not reading about, is becoming staggering.

This may not be enjoyable for anyone other than ourselves. I guess, sorry?

And now, onto more Eckshit. This time from Ben Walker of the AP. Eck Time!

biggest little man
5-foot-7 and all banged up
true spirit (spirit = "Yankee")
"club responds to how hard he plays"
little things
fairy tale
and 5-7 is being generous
extra inches
odds have been against Eckstein ever since he was in youth ball
"toughest guy I've ever seen in a uniform"

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posted by dak  # 6:41 PM
Thanks to the curiously named F FF for this link. (Whither Alessio??)
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