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Friday, October 27, 2006


This is Getting RidEckulous, Part II

Read this.

Now, read this:

Here are some words and phrases that appear in that article:

Gritting [his teeth]
"When Eckstein went 0-for-11 to begin the World Series, you had to wonder."
Biggest hearts
5-foot, 7-inch
Big and imposing vs. small and scrappy
"He's not the fastest guy in the world"
"He doesn't have much power"
"You can list all the things he can't do."
"You realize he always gets it done no matter what."
"Eckstein made a statement in his first plate appearance against Jeremy Bonderman, digging out of an 0-2 hole and capping a nine-pitch at-bat with an infield single."
"Between the both of them, I don't think they get to six feet tall"
Little guys
Little swing
"put our bats [on it]"
Sacrifice his body
Scuffed up
"He's the kind of guy you want when the game is on the line."
"He doesn't get enough praise in this league."
" Tony La Russa...has called Eckstein 'the toughest guy I've ever seen in uniform' more than once in recent weeks."


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Thanks to Sam for the tip.
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