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Monday, September 10, 2007


Color Me Surprised

Jimbo directs us to an article about potential ROY. Here's what they say about Reggie Willits:

OF Reggie Willits, Angels: The Halos were floundering, unable to get over the loss of Juan Rivera to a Winter League mishap, until Willits became a regular and a regular thorn in the sides of opponents. With bat control to wear out pitchers, speed to unnerve defenses and a daredevil attitude on defense, he has become, at its most basic, the _________ of this Angels team.

Now, keeping in mind that Willits is small, white, "pesky," "full of grit" and "hustle" and plays for the Angels, guess to whom the comparison is made. Is it...

A. Alex Rodriguez
B. Three-Finger Brown
C. David Eckstein
D. Darin Erstad

If you answered C...'re wrong.

They compared him to Erstad.

The comparison to Eckstein is not very apt, in that Willits is much faster and gets on base more. But Erstad?

Actually, I suppose the .338 SLG Willits has laid down this year actually makes him more like Erstad than a lot of other people.

Okay. Never mind.

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