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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A Journalistic Highlight

Daniel Oshinsky of the Rocky Mountain News reports from Beijing that FJM is inaccessible in China.

I find this to be excellent.

What's the matter, China? Can't handle EqA? Big fans of bunting over there? Love Livan Hernandez, hate Johan Santana?

We will not stop blogging until every Chinese citizen has the right to read curse-filled nonsense about Dusty Baker. And that is a kind-of promise!

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posted by Anonymous  # 3:33 PM
Many of you wrote in to point out that I typed "John" Santana instead of "Johan." Well guess what? I did type "Johan." It seems the sinister tendrils of the Chinese government, which notoriously hates "o"s, extends all the way into the inner sanctum of's editorial staff.

Watch yur backs, peple.
If in fact the word "John" appeared instead of the word "Johan," then the letter that was left out/expunged by Communist overlords was in fact an "a," not an "o."

I'm thinking you outsourced the entire post and comment bundle to a Warcraft gold farmer in China.
The first comment, which attempted to make me look like a fucking moron by indicating that I can't tell the difference between "o" and "a," was written by a North Korean spy posing as a Chinese National, in an attempt to frame both the Chinese government and me as dangerous morons.

The original censorship of "a"s was perpetrated by the Greeks. It's complicated.
Nick sez:

I live in China and still get to enjoy FJM.

Please tell Daniel Oshinsky of the Rocky Mountain News that he can go to proxy sites and then type in

Meanwhile, the reason for blocking FJM in China is pretty obvious. Can you imagine how much the bases get clogged in a nation of 1.4 billion people?

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