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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Oh, Ned.

You lovable little wrong-head.

Ned Colletti is cornering the market on leadoff hitters. One year after signing Rafael Furcal to a surprising three-year, $39 million contract, the Dodgers GM landed Juan Pierre for five years, $45 million.

They apparently will bat Pierre in the No. 2 spot, using his high-contact, low-impact approach in a traditional, Nellie Fox fashion. It's amazing that a guy the Cubs were ambivalent about re-signing could land a five-year contract, but Pierre has a good reputation within the game and led the National League with 204 hits.

"This man gets on base an awful lot," Colletti said. "He gets 200 hits or more, is a great guy on a club and, like Nomar (Garciaparra), has great qualities as a human being."

The man gets on base a lot.

Does Ned know what "gets on base" means?

Juan Pierre OBPs

2006: .330 (32 BBs)
2005: .326 (41 BBs)
Career: .350

In his career he has 258 BBs in 4110 AB.

Or...26 more walks than Barry Bonds had in 2004.

His EqA last year was .255. In 2005, .257.

What do we know about EqA, kids?

.260 is league average. And it takes SB into account, so don't start yelling about his SBs.

At least Pierre averages 12 HR. Per 4110 AB.

Can Juan Pierre's great qualities as a human being reach base? Because if they can, he might be worth the forty-five million dollars they are going to pay him until he is 34 years old. Hitting him second is going to murder this offense.

And as the linked blurb goes onto say:

Pierre also led the league with 20 caught-stealings, the fifth time in six years he has been at the top of that category. The most troubling stat was just 32 walks in 740 plate appearances. Pitchers have realized there's no reason not to challenge him.


The Dodgers would have been better to re-sign Kenny Lofton and wait another year on 22-year-old Matt Kemp, who has shown he can become a dynamic force in center.

Ned Colletti is so much better than Paul Computeresta, isn't he?

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