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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


To Sum Up...

Not a great JoeChat this week. And things at Fremulon Ins. Inc. are a little hectic. So I thought I would comment on the questions and Joe's answers simply by rephrasing them, and boiling them down to their essence. To wit:

Sorry for the delay folks, we are experiencing some technical problems.

Ken Tremendous: Joe broke and ate his computer.

Eric (Orlando, FL): If you were the Mets manager....what would your lineup be? I would go Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Delgado,Loduca, Green Valentin, and Gomez (until Alou is back).

Joe Morgan: Well a lineup tries to get the most out of the hot batters. So you have to start with Reyes,

Ken Tremendous: Joe's Mets' line-up:

1. Reyes, SS

and I liked LoDuca hitting second when he was doing well,

2. Lo Duca, C (if he's hitting well)

but I think Beltran is a very good choice hitting second. Then you can have Wright or Delgado third depending on who is hitting better.

3. Wright, 3B or Delgado, 1B (depending on who is hitting better)

But they really miss Alou's bat and they need it back.

4. ????

He really balanced that lineup. I was talking to Willy

5. ????
6. ????

and he said I can shuffle as much as I want but

7. ????
8. ????

if my big guys don't hit then there is not much I can do and he is right.

9. Whoever's pitching, presumably.

Todd (Olympia, WA): If Ichiro Suzuki is traded before the deadline, what can Mariner fans expect to get in return for him?

Joe Morgan: I really do not know. But he is not an A-Rod who can change a team right away. he does bring a lot of energy, but I do not know how much people are willing to give for a lead-off hitter. I just do not know how much you can get for that type of hitter.

Todd: What can the Mariners get for Ichiro?
Joe Morgan: I really do not know. But I do not know. I just do not know.
Todd: (to himself) You didn't answer my question.
Joe Morgan: Next!

Matt (Indianapolis): I know you want to talk about the Reds. There is a lot of talk but what do you see them doing before the trade deadline, if anything?

Joe Morgan: I am not sure what they will do. There has been talk about moving Dunnor Griffey. I am not sure what they are going to do, but chnages do need to be made. A lot of their players have just not worked out for them.

Matt: What kinds of trades will the Reds make?
Joe Morgan: I am not sure. I've heard a lot of talk about them possibly trading a player with the odd name of Dunnor Griffey. I am not sure. But they should do something.
Matt: (to Todd) He did not answer my question.
Todd: Tell me about it.
Joe Morgan: Next!

Shannon (Martinsburg WV): Joe: Say Girardi doesn't accept the O's job. Who's next in line? Have you ever considered managing?

Joe Morgan: Well if he does not take the job, I have no idea who else they have in mind. I am not sure that is a great situation. And yes, I have thought about it and then I come to my senses. There are good jobs out there for managers, but I am not so sure about the Oriels job at this point.

Shannon: If Joe Girardi doesn't accept the Orioles' coaching job, who will? Have you ever considered managing, Joe?
Joe Morgan: No idea. Me me me me thoughts about me me me how do you spell "Orioles" that doesn't look right who cares me me me.

Jack ( Detroit ) : Joe, Do yo usee the Tigers making any moves for Dunn or Bullpen help ? and since Maroth is on the trading block, what is his value around the League ?

Joe Morgan: Well the Tigers will make moves, but I don't think they need Dunn. They need bullpen pitching. I think pitching is what they are going to try and address. And I am not sure about Maroth and his value. I am not convinced he could bring exactly what the Tigers need as far as bullpen help.

Jack: Will the Tigers trade for Adam Dunn for bullpen help? Would other teams be interested in Mike Maroth?
Joe Morgan: Maybe. I dunnno. I have no idea who Maroth is. I actually don't even know what team he is on, so I am going to answer in a way that does not betray that lack of knowledge.

Paddy (St. Louis, MO): Hey Joe, I've heard some good theories lately on how to improve interleague. Do you have any?

Joe Morgan: Not really. I do not know if you can make it much better, other than cut down on the number of games. There are only a few good fits, such as Mets-Yankees, Dodgers-As, etc. those are the good situations. But I think they play too many games.

Paddy: Hey Joe, do you have any ideas on how to fix interleague play?
Joe Morgan: Nope.
Paddy: ...
Joe Morgan: ...
Paddy: Okay. Thanks.
Joe Morgan. They play too much. Does that count?

Frank (NY): It seems like Wang is a very underratted pitcher. If you look over the last three years, very few pitchers in baseball match him in terms of numbers. Do you think he is not talked about as one of the greatest pitchers in the game because of the low strikeout ratio?

Joe Morgan: I agree that in this day in age it is about HRs and Ks. But I think we will see more strikeouts with Wang since he has added a slidder to his pitches. The slidder and change are going to help him a lot and driver up his strikeout numbers, and that is what we saw on Sunday.

Frank: What do you think of Wang?
Joe Morgan: He has a good slidder. That can't be right. Is that how you spell "slidder?" I guess is it. Slidder. Slidder. That is a weird word, man -- look at it. Slidder. You know what lidders do for pitchers? They driver up their striker-outer number. (Giggles) Man, am I drunk.

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posted by Unknown  # 12:24 PM
When Joe cites the Dodgers-As matchup as a "good fit" for interleague, does he use As to mean the Angels? The Athletics? The Argonauts?

Is it possible that he refuses to recognize the Athletics as an MLB team as part of some Beane-based protest, and feels free to use the nickname As to refer to any team? It's as good a guess as any.
I think you should add the tag "Dunnor Griffey" to this post. I think he will come up a lot in the future.
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