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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


JoeChat, Last Week


SprungOnSports (Long Island):
Joe, can the Yankees be salvaged and play consistently enough to get back into the playoff hunt?

KT: I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but SprungOnSports (Long Island) is always the first one in the pool and the last to leave at these JoeChats. What gives, SprungOnSports (Long Island)? Why so eager to not have your questions answered?

Joe Morgan:
If you take the reputations away of all the All-Star players and the big salaries, and you just look at them objectively, you would not be that impressed.

...Wha? What happened to "Well they're still the Yankees...", which is how you always answer this question? Fremp? Is that you, Fremp?

I think they are in trouble. They will be better with A-Rod back, who carried them through the first month last year, so he may be able to do that again. But you have to be concerned about their starting pitching. I just do not think they can win consistently with the pitching they are throwing out there.

Oh brother. Fremp Controversy II? (Except for the use of "consistently.")

Rob (Baltimore):
Joe, is a team playing better baseball than the Cubs right now? Are they now a serious threat to win the WS?

Joe Morgan:
Any team that gets into the postseason can win it all, if they get on a hot streak. We have seen it happen plenty of times. There are no great teams anymore. Boston is the best team overall. And I think the Cubs will make the playoffs, so I think they have a chance.

Crisis averted. No great teams. Music to my ears. Fremp-proof evidence.

Terrence (NYC):
After this weekend's series, I'm hoping Jose Reyes is starting to take off- not only did it look like he was having fun, but he seemed a little angry as he was doign good things- almost like he's playing with a chip on his shoulder about the media and fan criticism. Do you agree?

Joe Morgan:
Well I think that too much blame is put on Reyes when the Mets struggle. Yes, Reyes struggled last season down the stretch, but I think too much pressure is put on him.

I don't know, man. He's the SS and leadoff hitter for the Mets. He hit .205/.279/.333 in 117 September AB last year, and was 5-9 in SB after being 23-26 in August. His team collapsed horribly. He certainly wasn't the only one to stink it up, but when you're the leadoff hitter and SS and you stink it up in September and your team collapses horribly, you're going to take that hit. Hell, David Wright took a hit, too, and he OPSed like a billion. (I haven't checked that specifically, but I'm pretty sure it was like a billion.)

So he should be playing with a chip on his shoulder, with everything that has but put on him, especially last season's collpase. I am a big fan of his and I hope that he continues to play well.


Rich (Sun Valley, ID): Joe, have you ever seen a team leave as many men on base as the Cardinals in the last week?

He has no idea what you're talking about, Rich. He hasn't seen the Cardinals play this year. I guarantee you get nothing specific here.

And when is the last time you saw a team get 18 hits (the Rays) and lose? Thanks-

He has never seen that. He doesn't watch baseball. You get no answer here. KT guarantee.

Joe Morgan:
Those things happen; where you get a lot of guys on base, and you do not drive them in, the pressure builds and you get tight. It happens, and it happens as a team. Just like hitting in contagious, so is leaving men on base. I have seen plenty of games where teams just cannot seem to drive ina run.

As Nikki Finke would say: toldja!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon (Mad-town):
Will we ever see a a great/dominant team again? I think the D-backs have something in the works for the next decade.

Joe Morgan:
Yeah I think we will see dominant teams again. When scientists build a time machine and we can go back to Cincinnati in 1975, assholes.

Just kidding. He didn't write that second part. But how awesome would it have been if he had?

These things happen in cycles. But it has to be a team that has strengths in all areas of the game.

Hang on...this theoretically "dominant" team has to have strengths in all areas of the game? I don't understand.

I think the D-backs, because they are young and can develop, could be great for a very long period of time.

Name three Diamondbacks. (And Randy Johnson doesn't count, because you'd only be naming him because you remember he was on the team in 2001 and don't know that he's been traded like five times since then.)

Kevin STL:
Joe, after that fiasco with Delgado's HR being called back, do you think the need for Instant Replay is upon us? Seems as though you and J Miller already knew the ball was fair before they overrode the call because of the replay.

Joe Morgan: Well I knew it was fair before the replay, because I had a good angle. I dfo not think you can have replays, because you would use it too much.

No you wouldn't, if the league regulated how often you could use it. We're very early in this debate, and we already have our "Why does everyone ignore this basic and simple fact?" thing.

There has been talk on using it for HR in the 8th or 9th inning, but that is not fair because often the winning HRs are hit earlier in the game. Replay would slow the game down more, so I think we will just have to live with the decisions of the umpires.

A few intrepid emailers have pointed out: when a controversial HR is hit, here's what happens. One team argues the call. The manager comes out. The hitter and the manager converge on the ump. The up calls the other umps and they talk for 1-3 minutes. The call is either reversed or upheld. The losing side argues. Often, someone is tossed after 1-3 more minutes of arguing. The game continues.

There is no way a red flag-type review situation could take that much longer than it already does.

I did like how they gathered around and talked about the play. But I did not like how the play was overruled by someone who was not the closest to the play. To overturn something like that you need to be 100% sure.

Hey -- here's a way to make it so that you're 100 sure: watch a replay.

Steiny (NYC):
Joe, do you think Barry Bonds will be on a major league baseball team before the end of the season?

Joe Morgan:
I have no reason to believe he will, so I will say no. But it is too bad, because the guy hit 28 HRs last season and there are plenty of guys with lesser talent playing on teams right now. It is unfortunate that he has become the poster boy for the steroids era, when it is obvious that hundreds of other guys were doing it as well.

Huh. Good point. Why would it be that Bonds became the poster boy for steroids instead of, you know, like Paxton Crawford or something? Can't think of a reason off-hand. I mean, both he and Paxton Crawford used illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Both Bonds and Paxton Crawford broke the all-time HR record for a season. He and Paxton Crawford both also set the all-time career mark in HR. So that can't be it. And it was Paxton Crawford, actually, I think I remember, who set the all-time record for walks in a season, because he was the most famous and feared hitter in the history of baseball...

I don't know. There's gotta be a reason somewhere.

MJ (Edmonton):
Joe, how do players regain their consistency coming back from an injury?

You know what's amazing? Joe has been baited one thousand times by people using "consistency" in the question, and he's never once indicated that this is strange or unusual.

Joe Morgan:
The toughest thing about coming back is the first few days you are full of energy and running on pure adrenaline, which makes you play well; [...]

I am going to take this as evidence that Joe Morgan wholeheartedly supports the use of adrenaline-based PEDs.

Joe Morgan: That's all the time I have. We'll chat again next Tuesday.

I'm on it.

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posted by Unknown  # 8:45 AM
Joe has been baited one thousand times by people using "consistency" in the question, and he's never once indicated that this is strange or unusual.

Not only that, but out of the presumably hundreds of millions of questions he's getting, he's specifically picking all of the ones with "consistency" in them. Maybe he thinks it's like his "mega-dittoes" or something.
Alright, I'll be the guy who defends Joe Morgan. Nobody's happy about this, but, here goes.

Re: Bonds/'roids. Morgan never said that he didn't understand why Bonds became the poster boy. He just said that it's unfortunate.

And I agree with him. As we've discussed many times -- and feel free to bring up Frat House again if you like -- I think it's unfortunate that steroid users get vilified more than the other cheaters in baseball history. And similarly, I agree with Morgan that it's unfortunate that Bonds gets vilified more than other steroid users. In both cases, I understand why...I (We? Ugh. We.) just think it's not cool.

Qui vole un oeuf vole un boeuf, bitches.
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